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Hey there, lovely!

I'm Tawni, your chaos-coordinating, homeschooling mama of 4, and the creative brain behind Always Doin' Something. Around here, we're all about embracing the beautiful mess of motherhood and turning it into something spectacularly organized... or at least, less chaotic!

Let's get real for a sec: life as a busy mom can feel like you're perpetually stuck in a hamster wheel, right? Between the endless to-dos and the never-ending mess, it's like living in a reality show that no one signed up for. But here's the kicker – it doesn't have to drain the life outta you!

Once upon a time, my life looked like a scene from a sitcom where everything that could go wrong did. Laundry mountains that rivaled Everest, dinners that were more about dialing up takeout than cooking up nutrition, and a schedule so packed, I'd forget my own name if it wasn't written on my coffee cup. I was the queen of last-minute living, and let me tell you, it was no royal affair.

But then, lightbulb moment! I figured if I could devise a master plan (or several mini ones) to streamline the chaos, maybe, just maybe, I could reclaim my sanity and my time. Fast forward through a journey of trial, error, and a whole lotta coffee, and voilà – I've crafted an arsenal of household management strategies that actually work. From decluttering hacks and sanity-saving schedules to self-care rituals that don't require locking yourself in the bathroom (although, that's still a valid option), I'm here to share the wealth.

And because I'm a glutton for punishment (kidding... kind of), I've spent the last 9 years homeschooling my crew. Along the way, I've gathered a treasure trove of practical tips, tricks, and printables to make learning fun, engaging, and slightly less like herding cats.

So, to my fellow moms who are navigating the beautiful chaos of raising humans, managing households, and occasionally forgetting why they walked into a room – I've got you. Through printables, courses, and a plethora of articles, I'm here to help you streamline your life, find joy in the juggle, and maybe even drink your coffee while it's still hot.

Here's to doing all the things, and doing them well (or at least, with a good laugh and a strong cup of coffee).

Cheers to our beautiful mess,


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